Future Worlds Challenge is a dynamic multi-platform learning experience which gives individuals the skills to succeed in tomorrow's world. Participants learn how to use Design & Systems Thinking to design a society of the future, and use game theory to challenge themselves to create the future they want to see.

The program allows individuals to develop cognitive flexibility, critical thinking, ethical frameworks, and gives them a stronger awareness of the risks and opportunities new technologies present to humanity and themselves.


Future Worlds Challenge is designed to leverage the best of face-to-face discussion and online learning by combining a physical card game which explores our Smart Humans Architecture, with matching curated online content from around the world.

The program is a non-linear journey, based on the random path generated by the selected cards and the natural curiosity of the learner. It allows people to dive deeper on subjects that excite them and gives them space to imagine their biggest vision of the future.

Participants work in teams to strategise the key elements which make up their society, while dealing with unexpected spanners which will test the resilience of the design. At the end of the journey, teams present their world and must defend why their society would develop the happiest citizens.

understanding digital literacy through online learning


Mind-bending, perspective shifting explorations of the current structure of our world + the exciting technologies around the corner that are about to shake things up!

design your world through futuring and analysis


Design your world! Teams decide - What do you value? What do you want? Will tech help your world or hurt it? Can your world handle the heat, can it cope?

debate and teach us about your world in a competition


Pitch your world! Debate, critique and rebut the opposing team. Teach us about your world through user experience explorations & creative storytelling - take us there!

FWC Card Deck

Future Worlds Challenge Card Deck


People who:

  • Love technology, innovation, gaming along with psychology & interpersonal skills
  • Are curious about the future and their role in it
  • Want to have highly in-demand, future-proof skills
  • Think creatively and dynamically to solve problems
  • Want a leadership course that teaches leadership in a deep & broad context

Future Worlds Challenge is for people who want to have a hand in how the future is created.


fun is learning together and learning through play
Agile, responsive fast paced evolving
Collaboration is thinking together learning
systems thinking is problem solving
empower students to understand personal impact and responsibility   
Inclusive, diversity and open to new ideas and all people
creativity is living in possibility
practically applying knowledge in the real world