The Future Worlds Challenge team was formed after the 2017 Brave Conversations Web Science Conference, when we collectively realised we needed to up skill individuals for tomorrow's world.

Design your own world. Bel Campbell designer, futurist loves critical thinking, problem solving, systems thinking learning program. Emerging technologies, learning outside of school, high school program for smart teenagers in Sydney.


Bel Campbell is a visual communicator & multi-disciplinary designer who passionately applies her skills to community enriching projects. Working across all manner of mediums including the web, ink, textiles, timber and steel, Bel has been able to work with a diverse range of clients and including Maximus, the Public Interest Advocacy Group, Secret Garden Festival & YARN Australia. Bel is currently Creative Director of Intersticia and its Foundation, managing design & creative strategy and Foundation projects including Brave Conversations Web Science Conference. In 2016 Bel published her first book, Salbinda The Restoration, profiling the restoration of award winning Australian architect Richard Leplastrier's first house through interviews, illustration & photography. Originally from rural NSW, Bel is particularly interested in exploring how young people in remote and rural areas can be impacted by emerging education technologies.



Leanne is a senior private sector and government executive with over 25 years experience in digital transformation. Her skill is in making sense of the changes and opportunities that technology advancements provide, and guiding people and organisations to take advantage of them. She has a strong commitment to the community in which we live, and has been involved in foster care for many years. She is currently Chief Innovation Officer of a Federal Government Department. She is very excited to be creating Future Worlds Challenge for our next generations.

Anni Rowland Campbell web scientist, leadership in corporate, arts, government, private and public sector. Champion of digital literacy and conversation about the future. Brave Conversations web science conference in canberra. Web Science Trust, metalounge.


Anni Rowland-Campbell is Director of Intersticia, a philanthropic social enterprise based in Australia.  Anni has a diverse background having worked in the Arts, Government, Charity and Corporate sectors, and combines this experience with her love of learning and education by seeking to help leaders, young and old, better understand, proactively manage, and harness the challenges and opportunities of the digital world.  She is a Trustee of the Web Science Trust and Advisor to New Philanthropy Capital and throughout her work Anni is determined to promote the crucial role that every individual can play in creating their future, rather than passively allowing it to be created for them.